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Tournament Structure

Games are played at St. George's School.  GPS address for school is 372 Purgatory Road Middletown, Rhode Island 02842.

All games will consist of two 22 minute halves with a 2 minute half time. Games will begin and end on a Central Horn.

Please note no alcohol is allowed on school grounds

OPEN, MASTERS, GRAND MASTERS teams will play 3 games against teams in their pool on Saturday in a round robin format.

OPEN Pools A, B & C will compete in Tier 1 and teams in Pools D, E, will compete in Tier 2. After Saturday’s Masters and Grand Masters Division Pool Play, teams will be seeded 1-4 and 1 seed will play 2 seed; 3 seed will play 4 seed.

After Saturday’s OPEN Division Pool Play, Tier 1 teams will be seeded 1 – 12 and Tier 2 teams will be seeded 1-8. The top 8 Tier 1 Teams will advance through a single elimination tournament. Tier 1 teams ranked 9-12 and Tier 2 teams 1-4 will advance through a second single elimination tournament. Tier 2 teams ranked 4-8 will not advance in Sunday’s tournament bracket

Any team that NO-SHOW’s on Sunday, will not be asked back .. Results from the 2016 Tournament will influence seeding at the 2017 Tournament.


Sunday seeds will be based on the following:

  1. Winning percentage
  2. Head to head play
  3. Goals against
  4. Goal differential
  5. Coin toss


  1. Any team not ready within 5 minutes of horn will forfeit. 8 players need to be on field to be considered ready.
  2. All substitutions on the fly.
  3.  No time-outs.
  4.  NCAA rules will apply except as follows below. This means continuation on flag down, 30 second counts, only stalls- no counts once   ball is in box
  5.  No penalty for 3 face off violations.
  6. Winning team must keep it in the box in final 2 minutes of game. Box does NOT extend to field width.
  7.  No more than 4 long poles on the field at one time for one team.
  8. Team Captains will sign off on score sheets for each game.
  9. Referees have complete jurisdiction over game play.


St. George's School

372 Purgatory Road Middletown, RI 02842


St. George's School Rules

(1) Parking
It’s FREE, yes FREE. Thats the main thing you need to know.  Event parking only available in the area labeled “Tournament Parking” on the Event Map. Any vehicles parked along access roads or by fields will be towed at the owners expense. Off site parking is available at XXXXXXX. GPS address is:   Free shuttle service will be available to portage players to and from this site throughout the day.
(2) Restrooms
We are able to use the Rest Room located within the hockey rink which is adjacent to the south of field  XXXXX.
(3) Alcohol
Participants can not bring any type of alcohol into the school .  School  officials will be on site to enforce this rule. Violators are subject to fines and/or arrest. Please do not jeopardize the long term success of this tournament by failing to follow this rule. Please be sure to let all of your members know that this policy will be enforced. If you would like to enjoy some drinks after the tournament visit one of our Sponsors: IYAC..
(4) Tents
Team tents are permitted. No Structure tents are allowed. Anything larger then a 10x10 pop up will be removed. 
(5) Littering
Newport LaxFest supplies trash cans around the fields during the tournament. If you notice a trash can is overflowing or needs to be emptied please inform tournament staff. Please bring some trash bags for your team to help keep the grounds  tidy. If anyone is found to be littering an on the spot fine of $50 will be imposed.


Newport Chamber of Commerce: